Why You Should Care Whether Your E-Cycler is Certified


For some products, recycling is more involved than finding your closest blue bin. This is especially true with electronics recycling, where a little research is required to make sure that you are recycling products responsibly. Increased government regulation and official certification of recyclers both help make this possible. Of all the products brought to market […]

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The Green IT movement has lost the plot

Recycle it

E-waste, and not energy conservation, is what really matters By David Moschella When it comes to environmental sustainability, the information technology community has seriously mistaken its priorities. Our latest research has confirmed what we have been saying for four years. The IT industry is already energy-neutral in terms of its consumption and savings, but there […]

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Why Buy Refurbished?

Piggy bank with money

Aside from the mark down in price, what is the advantage of purchasing a used product? Accurate IT Services is hoping to shed some light on the benefits of our refurbish or recycle concept… Did you know that more than 3 million tons of electronic waste (e-waste) is deposited into landfills every year? And that’s […]

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