New Technology Being Developed For E-Scrap

Self Destructing Electronics

Researchers at the University of Illinois have developed a technology that will change the way electronics are made and destroyed. They have developed heat-triggered self destructing electronics as well as a radio controlled trigger that can remotely activate self destruction on command. The full article is listed below.

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The Number of Tablets Being Recycled Is At An All Time High

Recycle Tablets

Many recycling companies are reporting a drop in PC recycling and an increase in tablet recycling. Smartphones and tablets are continuing to lure people away from buying computers and to invest in a more portable device. These devices are now old enough where newer, faster versions are hitting the market and the first generation is […]

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Finding Top-Tier Electronics Recyclers – The R2 Standard


Until recently, municipalities, businesses and residents seeking recycling services for used electronic equipment had very few assurances that electronic scrap would be handled correctly by their chosen recycler. Aside from a recycler’s promise, how would consumers of electronics recycling services know claims of environmental and social responsibility were authentic? Large corporations would sometimes take on […]

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Data Security in an Information-Rich Age

laptop recycling

In today’s society, important personal information like credit card accounts, social security numbers, and private data has become easily exploitable by those who fail to recognize the importance of data security. When taking an old storage device to your local neighborhood electronics recycler, you should ask certain questions to ensure that your information will be […]

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Upcoming Recycling Events in Central Ohio!

It Pays to Recycle

On Saturday, October 29th, Accurate IT Services will be holding an e-waste recycling drive in West Jefferson, Ohio. This event will be held across the street from the village hall at 28 East Main St. from 9am to 1pm. All electronic equipment will be accepted free of charge excluding televisions, with which there is a […]

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Locally Owned and Operated


For four years, Accurate IT Services has been servicing the Central Ohio region with all their electronics recycling, asset recovery, and data destruction needs. And why not? We are a Columbus company minority owned and veteran operated who employs Columbus residents. As our business grows alongside a booming e-waste market, we would like to continue […]

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Division of Recycling & Litter Prevention Recognizes Accurate IT Recycling Services in Marion

ODNR seal

Marion County Recycles Electronic Waste -Over 19,000 lbs collected Marion collaborated with local businesses to collect more than 19,480 pounds of electronic waste at its event on June 11. The Marion County Recycling & Litter Prevention Office partnered with Buffalo Wild Wings, Perkins Family Restaurant, Accurate IT, City of Marion, Marion County Commissioners, Marion County Council on […]

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Federal Legislation on E-Waste Recycling


Recently, the Responsible Electronics Recycling Act of 2011 was introduced with bi-partisan support in both the U.S. House and Senate. In short, the bill would make it illegal to send toxic e-waste to developing nations. Toxic e-waste includes, among others, waste Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs), waste batteries, and items containing mercury. These materials are essentially […]

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Recycling with us pays!

Falling money

The slogan plastered across our website, truck, and business cards is a testament to our unique practice within our field. While most electronics recycling companies charge for their services, we offer ours free of charge to businesses, schools, and other organizations. In addition, the public is free to drop off all electronics, excluding CRT monitors […]

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Marion County’s first TV drop-off a success

Computer Recycling

MARION – Organizers of the first Marion County recycling collection to allow televisions didn’t know what to expect before Saturday. They quickly discovered it would be a success when they saw a line of vehicles waiting an hour before they opened in front of Buffalo Wild Wings and didn’t see the line slow down throughout […]

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Accurate IT Services Launches New Web Site!

Bringing a new face to our web site has been forthcoming for some time now. The previous web site projected our company primarily as a computer retail business. This, however, is not the case. Accurate IT Services offers responsible electronics recycling, including complete asset management and data security, as well as network and IT services, […]

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