R2 Solutions releases guidance document


R2 Solutions and Greeneye Partners have released a new guidance document intended to help companies conform to the new R2:2013 standard. The 58-page guidance document provides best practices on how facilities can implement the principles described in the R2:2013 certification, as well as clarifications and standard interpretations of the language in the certification. For example, […]

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U.S. Isn’t Flooding the Third World With E-Waste

Global recycling

“By Adam Minter – May 26, 2013 Every year, Americans toss out as much as 4.5 million tons of old mobile phones, laptops, televisions, Xboxes and other electronic gadgets Some is recycled; some is repaired and refurbished for reuse; and some is thrown into landfills or incinerators. Almost none of it, however, is “dumped” overseas. […]

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Ensuring Data Stays Destroyed

Smashing discs

Today, data security is a main concern whenever any company or citizen is retiring their old IT equipment. Formatting the hard drive may seem like enough to some, but there are people who dedicate their time and efforts to recovering that information, which is easier than you think. That is why you should always make […]

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The weather is just right?

Clean world

I have lived in Ohio most of my life and cannot recall a time when the weather has been so sporadic. Moving to Columbus from the Cleveland area came with a vast improving on the weather conditions. I explain northern Ohio weather with terms like lake effect, and snow storms, and extreme cold. So far […]

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Upcoming Electronics Recycling Drives with BGH!

Garbage monster

Recently, Accurate IT Services and Big Green Head entered into a partnership to host electronics recycling drives in Columbus and throughout Central Ohio. These drives, known as “E-Waste Drop-Off” events, are currently being scheduled for the Spring, Summer, and Fall months of 2012. Currently, we have four E-Waste Drop-Off events scheduled for this year: April […]

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Accurate IT Services and Big Green Head Partner Up!

It Pays to Recycle

Recently, Accurate IT Services and Columbus Ohio’s premier green promoter Big Green Head have begun a partnership which will provide community recycling events throughout Columbus and its surrounding communities throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2012. Big Green Head is an organization dedicated to changing common misconceptions about “going green.” They focus on promoting […]

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