U.S. Isn’t Flooding the Third World With E-Waste

Global recycling

“By Adam Minter – May 26, 2013 Every year, Americans toss out as much as 4.5 million tons of old mobile phones, laptops, televisions, Xboxes and other electronic gadgets Some is recycled; some is repaired and refurbished for reuse; and some is thrown into landfills or incinerators. Almost none of it, however, is “dumped” overseas. […]

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The Hidden Environmental Risk of IT Asset Remarketing

Clean Day

“By Cindy Miller, Published May 26, 2013 – IT Asset Disposition Blog When your company turns its retired IT equipment over to a vendor for asset remarketing, what happens to the equipment that vendor can’t sell as a working asset? It’s a more important question than you might think. As you know, the market for […]

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62% of Households Hoarding, Not Recycling, Old Cell Phones

Recycle Phones

Thursday, December 27, 2012 – WRN Staff Americans are still hesitant about recycling their old mobile phones. Almost 2 out of 3 households in America – 62% to be exact – are hoarding their old cell phones instead of recycling them, according to a recent survey from mobile-phone security company Lookout Mobile. Twenty-one percent of […]

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