Accurate IT Services is Moving!

Accurate IT Services sign

Beginning next week, Accurate IT Services will be located at 3854 Fisher Rd. Columbus, OH 43228. We will be moving into a larger facility that will better suit our operation as an electronics recycling and refurbishment company. The new location’s hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We will be […]

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Trash or Treasure?


As Rep. Gene Green prepares to reintroduce the Responsible Electronics Recycling Act, a recent study says such legislation would generate numerous jobs in the U.S. However, the proposed legislation still has detractors. Curt Harler – Recycling Today APRIL 1, 2013 Electronics are part of our everyday waste stream. Many government officials say they feel the […]

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E-Waste Event Season is Approaching

Computer Recycling

April is just around the corner and with it comes the beginning of Accurate IT Services’ Community Recycling Events. With over a dozen e-waste events scheduled for 2013 already, Accurate IT will surely be in your area to responsibly recycle your old electronics. For all of our community e-waste recycling events, we accept all electronics, […]

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Study Finds Limiting E-Waste Exports Could Create U.S. Jobs

Ewaste conveyer belt

Recycling Today Staff FEBRUARY 13, 2013 “Restrictions on electronic scrap exports could create up to 42,000 direct and indirect new jobs with a total payroll of more than $1 billion, according to a study commissioned by the Coalition For American Electronics Recycling (CAER). “The study further documents how growing an industry with the capacity to […]

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The Complex Business of Recycling E-Waste

Bin of Old Computers

By Verne Kopytoff on January 08, 2013 IBM’s massive recycling facilities are more like rehabilitation centers. Most of the computers, printers, and servers—castoffs from IBM’s offices, along with equipment previously leased to corporate customers—are refurbished and resold. Some are salvaged for parts. But inevitably some electronics are too old to resuscitate. Therein lies one […]

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Out With The Old and In With The New

electronic recycling

The holiday season is upon us and many anxious shoppers are rushing out to find great deals on the newest computers, laptops, or LCD displays. Meanwhile, whether they’re purchasing these products for themselves or as gifts, their immediate response will not be “How do I recycle my old one?” However, after a couple weeks or […]

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Accurate IT Recycles for Ohio Schools

Recycle Ohio

As winter vacation approaches, many schools are looking to do some essential retirement of IT assets without the obstruction of daily school activities. Winter break provides schools with ample time to gather, organize, and recycle their out-of-date IT scrap. Accurate IT Services, Ohio’s premier electronics recycler, doesn’t take breaks for winter. We are here to […]

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The Lesser-Known Facts About E-Waste Recycling


Greg Voakes – Business Insider “The Internet revolution might have revolutionized how we live and communicate, but it’s also had a rather more insidious effect on our environment. Strange as it might sound, our rush to buy new laptops and phones – while chucking our old ones into the trash – has led to a […]

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E-Scrap Recycling Awareness on the Rise

Recycling Bin

-By Editorial Staff, Resource Recycling Nine out of 10 consumers believe it’s important to recycle their old electronic devices and 63 percent know how to do it, according to a new study from the Consumer Electronics Association. The CEA’s CE Recycling and Reuse 2012 Edition study found that awareness of the importance of electronics recycling […]

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Accurate IT Services Collects 40,000 lbs of E-Waste at Columbus Zoo Event

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium logo

This past weekend, Accurate IT Services, in conjunction with the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, held a two-day electronics recycling drive at the Columbus Zoo. Between Saturday and Sunday, 482 vehicles passed through the Columbus Zoo’s parking lot to recycle their old computers, televisions, cell phones, and much more! As a result, 40,000 lbs. of e-waste […]

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Accurate IT Services Featured on Local News

locked computer

On Monday, September 3rd, Columbus’ local ABC/FOX affiliate covered the increase in laptop theft around The Ohio State University’s campus area. Data security has become a major issue for these burglary victims. Providing an expert opinion on how to secure your electronics from theft was Peter DiGravio of Accurate IT Services. DiGravio offered advice on […]

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Our Lady of Bethlehem E-Waste Recycling Event

Recycling Bin

This past weekend, Accurate IT Services partnered with Big Green Head, the premier local ‘Green’ promoter, to host an Electronics Recycling Drive at Our Lady of Bethlehem Church in Columbus, Ohio. This E-Waste Drop-Off Day was a part of the Accurate IT and Big Green Head year long E-Waste Drop-Off program, offering free electronics recycling […]

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Ensuring Data Stays Destroyed

Smashing discs

Today, data security is a main concern whenever any company or citizen is retiring their old IT equipment. Formatting the hard drive may seem like enough to some, but there are people who dedicate their time and efforts to recovering that information, which is easier than you think. That is why you should always make […]

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Data Security in an Information-Rich Age

laptop recycling

In today’s society, important personal information like credit card accounts, social security numbers, and private data has become easily exploitable by those who fail to recognize the importance of data security. When taking an old storage device to your local neighborhood electronics recycler, you should ask certain questions to ensure that your information will be […]

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Accurate IT Services New Website Look

Dell Recycling

Accurate IT Services has launched our new retail website design. Our updated site allows customers the ability to create an account and manage their orders and order history. The new site will allow Accurate IT Services to better meet our customers’ needs, and provide our customers with up-to-date news and sales promotion information. The new look […]

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Westerville Ohio Recycling Event

Green World

9/26/2011 – Accurate IT Services will be participating in an electronics recycling and paper shredding event with our friends at Columbus Paper Shredding Company on October 8th. This event will be held at Ciminello’s Nursery at 567 Lazelle Road, Westerville, OH from 9am to 1pm. As always, Accurate IT will be accepting all electronics free of […]

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Federal Legislation on E-Waste Recycling


Recently, the Responsible Electronics Recycling Act of 2011 was introduced with bi-partisan support in both the U.S. House and Senate. In short, the bill would make it illegal to send toxic e-waste to developing nations. Toxic e-waste includes, among others, waste Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs), waste batteries, and items containing mercury. These materials are essentially […]

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Lack of Ohio E-Waste Regulations

Recycling icon

Many states have recently developed regulations stating that certain non-working and obsolete electronic products must be treated as hazardous waste if intended for disposal. However, Ohio is not one of those states. As of 2008, ten states have state legislation regarding the disposal of e-waste. Furthermore, obsolete electronics that contain Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) and […]

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Recycling with us pays!

Falling money

The slogan plastered across our website, truck, and business cards is a testament to our unique practice within our field. While most electronics recycling companies charge for their services, we offer ours free of charge to businesses, schools, and other organizations. In addition, the public is free to drop off all electronics, excluding CRT monitors […]

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An Update on Accurate IT Services Recycling Certifications

Green World with Grass

As you may have already noticed, there are two very distinct logos at the bottom of our website. These logos indicate the certifications we are reaching for. Though we are not certified yet, all development, implementation, and maintenance of R2 and ISO 14001 standards are in effect throughout our operation. The final stage in our […]

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