Why Recycle?

In today’s society, newer electronic equipment is being developed by the minute. But what happens with the old equipment? For the most part, electronics are thrown to the curb alongside regular garbage or stored in basements and garages for years. This older and obsolete equipment is quickly becoming part of the waste stream and materials are not biodegradable.

An undetermined amount of old electronics is shipped from the United States to developing countries that both lack the ability to reject the imports or handle the materials safely. The EPA also estimates that over 2 million tons of e-waste are discarded yearly with only 25% being collected through recycling; the rest end up in landfills where precious metals cannot be recovered and toxic materials leach into the environment.

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computer recycling

E-waste Recycling is Important

Entire computers can be recycled, from the glass in the monitor to the plastic case, copper in the power supply, and the precious metals used in circuitry; Accurate IT Services can process every aspect of old technology safely. Many computers can be refurbished and marketed too. For instance, some vocational schools use old PCs to teach electronic repair and analysis techniques. Even broken parts can be smelted down and reused, keeping viable materials active.

So, it’s easy to see why e-waste recycling is necessary. The use of recycled materials recovered from electronics to manufacture new products sustains the earth’s natural resources by helping eliminate electronics waste (e-waste). At the same time, electronics recycling conserves impressive amounts of energy in the manufacturing process, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions from those facilities. Furthermore, it keeps hazardous chemicals like lead and mercury out of our environment.

What can we do for you?

With our responsible, cost-effective ITAD and data security solutions Accurate IT Services is perfect for companies committed to the secure, green handling of their retired IT equipment.

Giving your equipment away can result in harmful materials ending up in landfills, potentially causing the EPA’s involvement. Instead, Accurate IT can provide ITAD solutions that will keep you safe legally and potentially allow you to recoup disposal fees. Our onsite services can package, remove, and process retired units. We guarantee complete data security measures in accordance to NIST standards and ensure asset tag removal while following proper recycling requirements set forth by the EPA and R2 standards.

Call Accurate IT today to see how you can retire old equipment and ensure both the protection of your own data as well as our planet.

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